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At The Threshold: The Campaign for Asheville School


At Asheville School, we’re sparking innovation on campus and beyond.

Our commitment to integrate technology into the Asheville School experience plays a key role in setting us apart from the competition. And we have been uncompromising in our efforts.


Technology Director Charles Long works on a robot with a student
Meet Charles

Charles Long thinks fast and innovates even faster. In 1999, we hired Long based on his passion for programming and his unquenchable curiosity. Over the years he has found myriad ways to bring advancements and new programming like the robotics team to Asheville School.

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Meet John Michael

John Michael demanded more than his public school could deliver. “My experience was that they didn’t welcome individuality. Everything was cookie cutter and a lot of the leadership seemed to be indifferent towards the students.” He had outgrown the experience and sought a place with more room to grow. He transferred in to Asheville School in his sophomore year.

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John Michael teaches at App Camp



Through a generous grant from The Stonecutter Foundation, MacBook Air laptops are now issued to each Asheville School student, allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively together and offering new opportunities for teachers to advance their curriculum.

Swift Code


Asheville School was one of the first high schools in the country to teach Apple’s Swift programming language as part of a new, project-based, AP computer science course.

Students now have opportunities to participate in an extensive and constantly changing realm of technological programming:

As our world evolves, so too does the technology that supports it. Additional program funding is key to addressing the technological needs of future students in ways we cannot possibly foresee today.

Help our technology and collaborative arts programs stay ahead of the curve. 

Student in Science Class

To explore ways you can make a meaningful and lasting impact on Asheville School, please contact Leigh Ruhl, Associate Head of School for Advancement, directly at 828.254.6345 x4028 or

Student works on Arduino board