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May 25, 2023

2022-2023 Awards Ceremony Recipients

Athletics Awards

Three-Sport Varsity Letter Winners

  • Matthew Russell ’24
  • Patrick Plaehn ’24
  • Winslow Larrabee ’24
  • Scarlett McCarroll ’24
  • Ella Morgan ’24
  • Leila Kirkconnell ’24
  • Abby Smith ’24
  • Hayezon Tobe ’25
  • DJ Hazel ’26
  • Ricky Tolbert ’25
  • Nic Herakovic ’24
  • Tyler Huynh ’23
  • Quin Soelter ’25
  • Journey Morrison ’24
  • Sofi Zuber ’24
  • Princess Adeyi ’24
  • Annaclaire Vo ’24
  • Annie Shores ’25
  • Marin Marks ’26
  • Caroline Bridges ’24
  • Grace Winstead ’25
  • Liby Hubbard ’25
  • Hannah Fendler ’26
  • Jeanie Keller ’25
  • Selia Morgan* ’23

*In addition to earning three varsity letters this year, this student has earned a total of 12 varsity letters over here four-year career. 

Fall Season Awards & Recognitions

Valier Award in Football: Waller Dixon ’23
Outstanding in Volleyball: Abby Lindstrom ’23
David Joseph Sielewicz Award in Boys’ Cross Country: Jackson Best ’23
W. Earl Mitchelle Award in Girls’ Cross Country: Abby Smith ’24
Outstanding in Field Hockey: Callie Keller ’23
Louis A. Valier Award in Boys’ Soccer: Thomas Dawson ’23
Outstanding in Girls’ Tennis: Kaylee Kanuka  ’23
Outstanding in Girls’ Golf: Alex Kennedy ’26

Winter Season Awards & Recognitions 

Edward L. Valier Award in Boys’ Basketball: Derin Saran ’23
Outstanding in Girls’ Basketball: Carmen Perez Aparicio ’24
Outstanding in Girls’ Swimming: Virgina “Ginny” Thorsen ’24
Outstanding in Boys’ Swimming: Tucker Valliere ’23

Spring Season Awards & Recognitions

Frank H. Valier Award in Boys’ Track: Reed Casey ’24
Outstanding in Girls’ Track: Journey Morrison ’24
Outstanding in Girls’ Soccer: Cordelia Brice ’24
Robert C. Valier Award in Baseball: Abe Ghaussy ’26
Outstanding in Boys’ Tennis: Noah Stenov ’23 & Sasho Yang ’23
Outstanding in Boys’ Lacrosse:  Nic Zuber ’23
Outstanding in Girls’ Lacrosse: Georgia Gross ’23
Outstanding in Boys’ Golf: Paul Russell ’23

Fine Arts Awards

Dramatic Arts Awards

Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress in a Play: Jacquie Traenkle ’23
Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Play: Ethan Stark ’26
Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Play and a Musical: Zoe Park ’23
Outstanding Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play and a Musical: Logan Roch ’25
Outstanding Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical: Georgia Stone ’24
Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actor in a Musical: Sasho Yang ’23
Outstanding Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Musical: Jaden Deutscher ’23
Outstanding Achievement in Stage Management and Sound: Tianlu Qiao ’25
Outstanding Technical Theater Contribution: Thoma Tokumasu ’24

Dramatic Society Inductees

Each year, the Theatre Arts Program inducts new students into the Asheville School Dramatic Society. Founded in 1903, the Dramatic Society is the oldest and continuing student organization on campus. In order to qualify for membership, students must participate in three or more productions – as actors, technicians, or production team members. This year we welcome 9 new members:

  • Chloe Butler ’25
  • Boyd Moree ’25
  • Jacquie Traenkle ’23
  • Logan Roch ’25
  • Zoe Park ’23
  • Katherine Jetton ’23
  • Georgia Stone ’24
  • Princess Adeyi ’24
  • Thoma Tokumasu ’24

Dance Awards

Outstanding Dedication and Choreographic Achievement in Dance: Jacquie Traenkle ’23 & Zoe Park ’23
Outstanding Achievement and Leadership in Dance: Lilly Andrews-Edwards ’25
Outstanding Dedication and Achievement in Dance: Adi Cross ’26
Outstanding Achievement in Dance Performances: Carmen Perez Aparicio n’24

Music Awards

Outstanding Choral Singer: Sasho Yang ’23
North Carolina Honors Chorus: Sasho Yang ’23
Outstanding Instrumentalist: Adwyn Burdett ’23
Outstanding Four-Year Contribution to Handbell Ensemble: Gracey Abernethy ’23

Visual Arts Awards

Most Improved Art Student: Abby Lindstrom ’23
Young Visionary Award: Kate Choi ’23
Ecellence in Visual Art: Ann Lee ’24

Regional Scholastic Awards
The Scholastic Arts Awards are the longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for creative teens. Works are submitted and judged by luminaries in the visual and literary arts. This year, Asheville School students received more awards and recognitions than any other school in our region. Asheville School students earned 3 Gold Keys, 7 Silver Keys, 16 Honorable Mentions, and a National American Vision Nominee. Please view the full list of Regional Scholastic Award recipients and their artwork here. Jack Flournoy ’23 will be recognized on June 8th in New York City at Carnegie Hall for his artistic achievements at the national level.

Fine Arts Awards for Excellence

Studio Art I: Lily Andrews-Edwards ’25
Studio Art II: Shelby Hippen ’25
Studio Art III: Margaret Harris ’24
Studio Art AP: Nikolai Van Niekerk ’23
Advanced Music Theory: Sasho Yang ’23

Academic Awards

Humanities Awards for Excellence

Ancient Studies – History: Sam Schenker ’26
Ancient Studies – Literature: Eloise Durham ’26
World Studies – History: Jakob Byrne ’25
World Studies – Literature: Madeline Stark ’25
European Studies – History: Sofi Zuber ’24
European Studies – Literature: Rory Howes ’24
American Studies – History: Bertrand Lin ’23
American Studies – Literature: Lydia Byrne ’23
Outstanding Four-Year Academic Performance: Amelia Krebs ’23

Mathematics Awards for Excellence

Quantitative Reasoning I: Logan Wit ’26
Honors Quantitative Reasoning I: Prim Ngamsirijit ’26
Quantitative Reasoning II: Saga Kolehmainen ’24
Honors Algebra II: Eloise Durham ’26
Precalculus: Maddy Haller ’24
Honors Precalculus: Aaron Liu ’26
Advanced Precalculus: Amy Zhu ’26
Applied Statistics: Kate Choi ’23
Statistics AP: Connor Jarman ’23
AP Calculus AB: Callie Keller ’23
AP Calculus BC: Jack Pan ’24
Advanced Topics in Mathematics: Yoyo Zheng ’23

Science Awards for Excellence

First Year Biology: Amy Zhu ’26
Second year Biology: Logan Brunk ’23
First Year Chemistry: Tianlu Qiao ’25
Second Year Chemistry: Miranda Wang ’24
First Year Physics: Lucy Lu ’23
Second Year Physics: Sasho Yang ’23
Principles of Psychology: Murathan Kocaman ’23
Anatomy and Physiology: Jackson Best ’23
Environmental Science: Jinhoo Yoon ’23

World Language Awards or Excellence

French I: Diana Phan ’26
French II: Chloe Butler ’25
French III: Justin Rowe ’25
French IV: Liza Sautter ’23
AP French Language: Carla Garcia Bonillo ’24
French Literature: Amelia Krebs ’23
Spanish I: Yoga Wang ’26
Spanish II: Tianlu Qiao ’25
Spanish III: Grace Shi ’24
Spanish IV: Gloria Zhang ’23
AP Spanish Language: Virgina “Ginny” Thorsen ’24
AP Spanish Literature: Madison Young ’23

Additionally, Grace Shi ’24 won a gold medal on the National Spanish Exam. 

The Senior Demonstration

The Jack W. Bonner IV Senior Demonstration Prizes honor Mr. Bonner for his extraordinary commitment to his students and to the senior demonstration program and are awarded to those sixth formers who earn High Commendation. Receiving High Commendation for their Senior Demonstrations are:

  • Gracey Abernethy
  • Logan Brunk
  • Lydia Byrne
  • Kate Choi
  • Waller Dixon
  • Constanza Gonzalez-Gerard
  • Joaquin Jones
  • Callie Keller
  • Amelia Krebs
  • Mia Laurencs
  • Bertrand Lin
  • Paul Russell
  • Liza Sauter
  • Tony Su
  • Lily Tashjian
  • Jacquie Traenkle
  • Marley Trumbower
  • Nikolai Van Niekerk
  • Sasho Yang
  • Jinhoo Yoon
  • Madison Young
  • Gloria Zhang
  • Yoyo Zheng

The following students have received commendation for their work on the Senior Demonstration:

  • Allison Brooks
  • Tyler Huynh
  • Bella Nicolini
  • Peter Shores
  • Natasha van Niekerk
  • Nic Zuber

The Cum Laude Society

The Asheville School Chapter of the Cum Laude Society is honored to induct the following members for their academic excellence, good character, honor, and integrity in all aspects of school life:

  • Gracey Abernethy
  • Kate Choi
  • Thomas Dawson
  • Callie Keller
  • Amelia Krebs
  • Bertrand Lin
  • Lucy Lu
  • Paul Russell
  • Owen Soccorso
  • Jacquie Traenkle
  • Marley Trumbower
  • Sasho Yang
  • Jinhoo Yoon
  • Raina Yowell
  • Gloria Zhang
  • Yoyo Zheng

Faculty Recognition

John Tyrer Award

The John Tyrer Award is presented to a faculty member who has given 25 years of service to Asheville School. 
Faculty Recipient: Mr. John Crawley

Named Awards

James G. “Pop” Hollandsworth Mountaineering Award: Logan Brunk ’23
Joseph A. Riggs, Jr. Award for Best Female Athlete: Abby Smith ’24 
David Ralph Millard, Jr. Award for Best Male Athlete: Tucker Valliere ’23
Gene M. Hamilton Sportsmanship Award: Ryan Soulis ’24
Donna B. Lewis Chaplain’s Award: Caitlin Ghaussy ’23
M. Livingston “Sly” Lewis Honor Council Award: Princess Adeyi ’24
Michalove Award in Drama: Jaden Deutscher ’23
Purchase Prize for Outstanding Artwork: Lydia Byrne ’23, Artwork: Snapdragon
W. Bryant Wellons, III Award for Excellence in Performing Arts: Sasho Yang ’23
Harvard Prize Book Award: Princess Adeyi ’24