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September 2, 2022

Students Recognized for Academic Achievements

We came together as a school community to celebrate the incredible academic achievements of our returning students during the 2021-2022 academic year.  

Humanities Awards for Excellence in: 
Ancient Studies – History: Madeline Stark
Ancient Studies – Literature: MJ Saunders
World Studies – History: Vicky Ren
World Studies – Literature: Margaret Harris
European Studies – History: Kate Choi
European Studies – English: Amelia Krebs

Fine Arts Awards for Excellence in: 
Studio Art I: Scarlett McCarroll
Studio Art II: Kate Choi
Studio Art III: Nikolai Van Niekirk
Studio Art IV: Jiahn Lee
AP Music Theory: Sasho Yang

Mathematics George S. Stearns, Jr. Awards for Excellence in:
Quantitative Reasoning I: MJ Saunders
Quantitative Reasoning II: Tilley Lie-Nielson
Geometry: Sally Park
Algebra II: Ginny Thorsen
Advanced Precalculus: McKee Thorsen
Statistics AP: Lucy Lu
Calculus AB: Miranda Wang
Computer Science AP: Leo Liu

The Asheville School Mathematics Prizes are supported by a permanent endowment fund created by the family, classmates, and friends of George S. Stearns, Jr., a member of the Class of 1932 and a trustee from 1971 to 1976.

Science Awards for Excellence in: 
First Year Biology: Chloe Butler
Second Year Biology: Lucy Lu
First Year Chemistry: Patrick Plaehn
Second Year Chemistry: Yoyo Zheng
First Year Physics: Sasho Yang
Principles of Psychology: Meredith Carlton

World Language Awards for Excellence in: 
French I: Chloe Butler
French II: Molly Green
French III: Gracey Abernethy
French IV: Amelia Krebs 
Spanish I: Tianlu Qiao
Spanish II: Madeleine Stark
Spanish III: Sofia Zuber and Miranda Wang
Spanish Language AP: Thomas Dawson
Spanish Literature AP: Princess Adeyi


Scholar Athlete Awards

Three-season varsity letter winners who maintained an unweighted GPA above 3.75 (High Honors) for the 2021-2022 academic year receive Gold Pins in honor of that achievement; those students are:

Lilly Hubbard
Callie Keller
Abby Smith
Owen Soccorso
Ginny Thorsen
Sofi Zuber

Special Recognition for Overall Academic Excellence during the 2021-2022 Academic Year

The following group of students finished the 2021-2022 Academic Year with an unweighted GPA of 4.0 on a 4.3 scale: 

Gracey Abernethy
Taiyr Ashkenov
Belle Brown
Chloe Butler
Jakob Byrne
Thomas Dawson
Liesl Ellington
Abe Ghaussy
Molly Green
Kami Hanks
Margaret Harris
Lilly Hubbard
Joaquin Jones
Callie Keller
Amelia Krebs
Jiahn Lee
Tilley Lie-Nielsen
Leo Li
Bertrand Lin
Mark Liu
Lucy Lu
Sally Park
Patrick Plaehn
Tianlu Qiao
Vicky Ren
MJ Saunders
Grace Shi
Abby Smith
Madeleine Stark
Ginny Thorsen
McKee Thorsen
Jacquie Traenkle
Miranda Wang
Jennifer Xu
Sasho Yang
Jinhoo Yoon
Yoyo Zheng
Sofi Zuber

The following four students finished the year with an unweighted GPA of 4.3 on our 4.3 scale:
Chloe Butler
Tianlu Qiao
Ginny Thorsen
Sasho Yang

Ranking Scholars Awards
The Ranking Scholar of each form is determined by a student’s weighted GPA at the end of the year. 

Last year’s Sixth Form Ranking Scholar: Martha Plaehn
Martha was recognized at the graduation ceremony last May.

Last year’s Third Form Ranking Scholars: Tianlu Qiao and Molly Green    

Last year’s Forth Form Ranking Scholars: Ginny Thorsen and Miranda Wang                             

Last year’s Fifth Form Ranking Scholar: Sasho Yang

Overall Top Scholar of the School for the 2021-2022 Academic Year
Sasho Yang

The Ranking Scholar of the school is the student with the highest weighted GPA of the entire student body.  Each year, the ranking scholar of the school has his or her name engraved on this cup that remains on display in the Skinner Library, and also receives an engraved cup in honor of their accomplishment.