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January 4, 2024

Gallery Exhibition featuring the Artwork of Leaflin Lore Winecoff

The John M. Crawford, Jr. Art Gallery is set to unveil a new exhibition, “Irreverent Geometries,” showcasing the artwork of local artist Leaflin Lore Winecoff. The exhibition will run from January 18 – March 2. Community members are invited to a reception in the gallery on Thursday, January 18 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. for an evening with the artist.

Leaflin is a life-long devotee of the muse. Since childhood, she has spent many hours creating art, gazing at the art of others, and allowing the world to make its imprint upon her. Growing up in a creative household, inspiration was never far away. From the magical portals opened by her parents’ book, album and art collections to the sway of trees and tilt and texture of an old tin roof, many influences have made their impression on Leaflin’s psyche, and thus into her art. The impulse to transmute every experience (from mundane to extraordinary) into art, is ever a driving force in her life. While her first true love is painting, Leaflin is also an avid costumer, performance artist and longtime yogini. She considers life itself to be a magnificently unfolding collaborative creation and hopes that her art will help inspire others to perceive the artfulness of life. 

Leaflin shares the following about “Irreverent Geometries:”

The paintings presented are very much about the process of seeking a natural and uncontrived geometrical truth. Nothing is measured. Circles and spheres are found through ardent exploration. Lines are formed by gravity and instinct. The forms and depth revealed are reflective of architectural structure, the movement of bodies, and the anatomy of the psyche. The shapes revealed are profane, in that they are derived from no prescribed formula or dogma – yet they do adhere to an intrinsic reality that is familiar and undeniable, albeit at times chaotic and often cathartic. They are playful proofs of the geometries that underlie all things, and potentially offer portals into other realms. 

The figure study collages and books are the product of a series of figure study sessions Leaflin hosted and attended over the past few years, working with other local artists and muses. Studying the figure is an old tradition, and a cherished practice. In this process, old books became sketchbooks, some of which became fodder for collages. Pages of prose, poetry, and mathematical formulas play serendipitously with the figures and add both visual texture and a lyrical element to the figure play. 

Though stylistically different, these 2 groupings of work have emerged simultaneously over the past few years and are beginning to find their overlap. The commonality is that they are seeking authenticity in line and form, whether through pure abstraction or through following the contour of a body. This collection of pieces is the result of art as the practice of seeing, & the physical process of revealing that which is seen. 

Learn more about the artist here.

Gallery Hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Saturday by appointment only. To make an appointment, please contact Ms. Casey Arbor via email ([email protected]) or phone 828.254.6345 x 4037.