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January 24, 2022

The Long View with Dr. Sgro

From 360° Asheville School Views Magazine, Winter 2022

During initial discussions of the theme of this alumni magazine I was immediately swept along by a wave of memories. “Power of Place” certainly captures the special energy of this campus. After a career in boarding schools, it has been the pleasure of my life to return to Asheville School—a true haven in an often frantic and fractious world.

It is a wonderful thing to return as an adult to a place that left an indelible mark on your adolescence; to walk those same paths, sing the same songs, and lift your voice in prayer at the same altar. You find that the buildings and places that inspired you as a teenager still hold the same magic: the steps of Mitchell where I gathered with my friends to cut loose now make up my daily path to work. The football field where I spent many happy afternoons cheering my friends to victory was where I first had a keen sense that I was a member of a special community. When I attend a game now, I look around at the faces of our students—their comradery, inclusivity, and unbridled spirit tells me we have a new generation who feels the same way.

Despite the difficulties of the past year, this place has a tangible steadiness to it that sustains and nourishes our students. The power of our campus lies in our people: our tireless faculty and staff; our devoted parents; our engaged alumni; and most especially our curious and inspiring students. I hope you enjoy hearing about the people who are living, working, and learning in your footsteps. The continuum of this place includes you and your story. We hope you will enjoy reminiscing as you peruse these pages, and we especially hope you will make plans to join us on campus when you are able.

Sincerely, Dr. Anthony H. Sgro