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February 24, 2022

The Power of Place

Compared to the billion-year-old mountains that surround our campus, Asheville School is but a blip on the timeline of an ancient landscape. But for the people who have called this campus home over the past 121 years, the sense of familiarity in the land, the buildings, the trees, and the views are a constant. A comfort. A resting place.

The theme of our latest alumni magazine, “Power of Place,” seeks to honor the stories inspired by Asheville School. How does the landscape shape our reality? How does it inspire our learning? How does it encourage our faculty? What does it mean to call this campus home? We hope these stories jog your own memories, and we hope these words and pictures move you enough that you plan to come back for a visit. It is astonishing how many stories, how many memories, and how many futures were borne from these three hundred acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

You can view the full digital version of 360° Asheville School Views here, or simply sit back and relax – feature stories will be posted here for you to enjoy.