Students arrive at Asheville School from all over the world, and they bring with them a broad range of backgrounds, interests and talents.

With about 295 students, Asheville School is an intentionally small community where students and faculty members know one another personally and call each other by name.

About 80% of our students are boarders and reside in one of three residential halls: Anderson Hall, Lawrence Hall or Kehaya House. Every student learns responsibility to oneself and respect for others, and develop bonds with friends that will last a lifetime.

Never far away are dorm parents, student leaders and other faculty members ready to celebrate a student's success, give advice, counsel or just listen.


We value academics at Asheville School, but we also value fun. Our Student Activities Director schedules entertainment during student downtime. On-campus pursuits include barbecues, athletic tournaments, game nights, movies, school dances and more. Students also take in concerts, plays and other art events, movies and sporting events in Asheville. 

Two advisors cooking for students
A girl is jumping surrounded by her hallmates.
A group of people are playing %22noodle ball:%22 a game like indoor field hockey with pool noodles instead of field hockey sticks
Two students cheering
Two students playing rock, paper, scissors
A girl hols a whiffle ball bat
Students cheer as an adult does a flip off of a diving board
A boy laughs while playing the drums
Four girls screen printing
A boy holds up his screen printed shirt
Two boys at the spring carnival
A boy and a girl view art
A group of boys and an advisor playing Uno
A table in a foyer decorated for Dia de los Muertos
A boy wearing a caving helmet
A student stands with flowers at an orchid festival
A student in an art gallery in Asheville
Four students work on a mandala with a Tibetan monk.
Two boys on an inflatable obstacle course
A student holds a goat during goat yoga
Students cheering at a sporting event
Students cheering at a sporting event
Students cheering at a sporting event
Two students on an early morning hike surrounded by mountains
Five girls at prom

Student Services

Health Center

The Warner Arms Health Center is located on the first floor of Anderson Hall. The school’s doctor visits the infirmary on Mondays and Fridays, and a nurse is on duty at all times when school is in session. The school's nurses approve and record all medical appointments for both day and boarding students, and the nurses are responsible for dispensing all medication.

Angela Brigmon

Titles: School Nurse
Mary Ann Nix

Mary Ann Nix

Titles: School Nurse
Kay Schill

Kay Schill

Titles: School Nurse

School Psychologist

The school employs an on-campus, full-time professional school psychologist who is available to students, families, faculty and staff for the purpose of assisting with various emotional and social concerns that may arise.

Short-term, individual counseling is provided by the school psychologist and can be obtained by self-referral or through consultation with another community member. Should more extensive or longer-term counseling be needed, the school psychologist coordinates the referral to an appropriate outside professional and arranges for transportation to the practitioner’s office.

The school psychologist subscribes to a policy of confidentiality in all dealings with persons who seek help, though safety concerns provide an exception to such a policy. When issues regarding safety arise, the confidentiality policy will defer to safety concerns.

The school psychologist’s office is located on the middle level of Skinner Library.

Scott Miller

Scott Miller

Director of Counseling, Licensed Psychologist

Learning Center

The Learning Center is a resource for students and teachers. We work with students on developing their organizational and study skills in an effort to help them become independent learners. We also provide daily help in specific subjects.

For most students, the Learning Center is a voluntary resource. Students may be assigned for a period of three weeks to 10 months, depending on their progress. These students come in daily during their free period and work with the Learning Center staff.

Most students stop in for help with:

  • Math
  • College essays
  • Lab reports
  • English papers
  • Study skills
  • Time management
Deavours Hall

Deavours Hall

Director of the Learning Center

Advising Program

Each student has a faculty advisor who is concerned about the student in all facets of school life. Advisors work with a small group of students, whom they check-in with on at least a weekly basis. Advisors offer guidance on a range of personal and academic matters and serve as a point of contact for parents about students while they are at Asheville School.

When grades are sent home, faculty advisors meet with students to discuss their progress at the end of each term and write reports to parents so that parents can have an informed idea of their child’s progress in all areas of life at Asheville School.

College Office

The goal of the College Office is to support, inform, and encourage students and their families as they navigate the exciting, complex, and ever-changing process of college admissions. We educate students and families about the nuances of admission, advise students about appropriate and interesting college options that best suit their needs, and support students as they successfully complete the application process. 

Check out the College Office Page.

Technology Office

All new students receive an Apple laptop on Opening Day as part of the school's 1-to-1 laptop program. Student laptops are pre-loaded with Microsoft Office. Robust wireless access is available across campus for students, faculty members, alumni, and guests. Besides the school-issued laptops, students have access to an iMac computer lab in the Library. All dorm rooms are equipped with high-speed Internet connections and wifi access. SMART Boards are equipped in most classrooms. Apple TV devices support Airplay from teacher laptops and iPads.

Charles Long

Charles Long

Titles: Director of Technology, App Development Camp Co-Director
James Lang

James Lang

Titles: Technology Coordinator
The Director of the Learning Center works with two students


Asheville School hosts enough student organizations to meet almost any taste. Students may bolster their writing and editing in publications like The Ashnoca newspaper, Blue & White yearbook or the Review literary and visual arts magazine. Or they may hone their leadership skills in clubs like Student Council, Students for Environmental Action or the Mitchell Cabinet service organization.

Investment Club
Fustal Club
Microlending Club
The Ashnoca (newspaper)
Blue & White (Yearbook)
The Review (publication)
LOGOS (publication)
Multicultural Board
Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Debate Team
Students for Life Asheville
Students for Environmental Action
Math Club
Ping Pong Club
Entrepreneurship Club
Model UN
Mitchell Cabinet (Service) 
HOSA (Future Health Professionals)

Student Council
Robotics / Technology Club
Gay-Straight Alliance
Improv Club
Film Club
Photography Club
Martial Arts Club
Creative Writing Club
Sketch (Art Club)

A group of students cheer

School Life