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Arts in the Community

The Arts in the Community Program provides hands-on experiential opportunities within one of the most robust arts scenes in the southeast.

Asheville School is lucky to be part of the vibrant Asheville community, and the Arts in the Community program embeds students in museums, concert halls and studios, exposing them to relevant local artists and bringing their arts experience to life.

We currently partner with The Asheville Art Museum, the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center and the Asheville Area Arts Council to provide students a wide array of experiences both on and off campus.

Asheville School regularly hosts professional artists and guest instructors who infuse the arts curriculum with their expertise and experience.

"I have taken styles and mantras of Black Mountain College artists and applied them to my creative process, which has allowed me to grow as an artist and person...experimenting with different media has been a freeing experience for me." 
- Grayson Sword 2019

A student and artist reach inside a glass kiln
An artist discusses his work in a gallery
A student spray paints a mural alongside a professional muralist
A student performs spoken word at Asheville gallery
Student applying dye to a shirt in a screen printing lesson
Students work alongside a monk on the community mandala at UNC Asheville
Students look through Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center Library
A close up of the glassblowing process - heating a blown glass ball with a blowtorch
Students work with Asheville area artist and teacher
A student reads at a table at the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center
Students observe two monks making a mandala at UNC Asheville
Students look at art in a gallery
A student performs dance at Asheville gallery
A student holds up her screen print
A group of four students look at their screen printing work
A group of students follow along with a guest dance instructor
A student performs viola at Asheville gallery
A student and artist blow glass
Community Arts