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Studio Art

Art students learn to harness their creativity into works that express, inspire and connect them with the world. 

Studio Art I

As part of the humanities curriculum, Studio Art I offers a unique learning experience focusing on exposure to historical and cultural traditions. This course introduces Fourth Form students to visual arts from around the world through cross-curricular lessons. While developing an appreciation for art and understanding of fundamental art principles, students work with a wide range of media like graphite, paint, charcoal, mixed media, photography and ceramics. Above all, this course focuses on creative problem solving, effective communication and building visual awareness.

Studio Art II

This course is designed for a studio experience filled with personal initiative, perseverance and solid work ethic. Students are encouraged to work independently, participate in critique and learn from failure. Building upon the idea of art as a problem-solving discipline, students develop increasingly sophisticated critical thinking skills as they study and create art.

Students explore new visual concepts and more advanced presentations. Students are taught to examine their surroundings closely, analyze artwork insightfully and develop their artistic voice. Innovation is essential as students pursue a concentrated study of art including ceramics, painting, illustration, mixed media and more.

Studio Art III - IV

These courses are intensive studio classes tailored to individual students. These advanced courses refine artistic skills and theories while continuing to investigate advanced methods and concepts integral in the arts. 

Students prepare portfolios, present their work, participate in critiques and research aesthetic theory and art history. Through the continuing development of technique and perspective--as well as patience and discipline--students learn to effectively communicate through their art.

Studio Art: 2-D Portfolio (AP)

Advanced Placement Studio Art is for highly motivated students who are seriously interested in the study of art. The program demands significant time, commitment to deadlines and dedication to the quality of work. Students address a broad interpretation of two-dimensional media. They demonstrate mastery of the elements and principles of two-dimensional design through varied mediums. The purpose of the course is to create a culminating portfolio, which is submitted for unbiased adjudication based on use of elements and principles, quality of craftsmanship, variety of media and theme.

Visual Art Afternoon Activity

Students participating in the afternoon art program work for approximately 90 minutes each weekday afternoon, planning and executing individual projects in a variety of mediums.

In spring, the Crawford Art Gallery showcases the best in student work through an annual show. During the remaining months, the gallery displays diverse collections from artists of local, regional and national reputation.

Studio Art