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Join us for an Artist Talk on Upcoming Asheville Performance: &quot;Supper, People on the Move&quot;
Join us for an Artist Talk on Upcoming Asheville Performance: "Supper, People on the Move"

Asheville School will welcome Pablo Meninato and Jennifer Baker on Thursday, October 26, from 3:15 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Walker Arts Center's Graham Theater for a talk on the dance performance "Supper, People on the Move" and accompanying photography exhibition, "Portraits of People on the Move."

This talk is free and open to the public. You can find directions to Asheville School here.

"Supper, People on the Move" is a dance performance that examines the complex experiences of dislocation and migration. "Portraits of People on the Move" is an accompanying exhibition of photographs and narratives by Philadelphia-based artist Jennifer Baker and local photographer Steve Mann telling the story of people on the move in our Western North Carolina community.

During the Asheville School talk, Meninato and Baker will detail the process by which the performance and exhibition were created and provide context for the primary images that inspired them: the border, the freight trains commonly called "La Bestia" that many people resort to as transportation during migration, the efforts of people overcoming the obstacles to immigration, and more.

According to Asheville School Chair of Fine Arts Kathy Leiner, a group of Asheville School students will attend a performance of "Supper, People on the Move" on October 27th, and this artist talk will provide insight before the group travels to the performance.

For more information about the talk, please call Kathy Leiner at 828-215-2410. Read more about the performance, "Supper, People on the Move", presented by the Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center, here.

Photo: Bill Hebert (Supper, People on the Move)