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Asheville School Hosts 91st Rivalry Football Game Against Christ School
Asheville School Hosts 91st Rivalry Football Game Against Christ School

On Saturday, October 28, Asheville School will host Christ School for the 91st rivalry football game between the Blues and the Greenies. Originating in 1911 and taking place annually since 1933, this tradition is the oldest prep school sports rivalry in the Carolinas.

Head Football Coach Gus Schill is proud of the season and knows the Blues will give it their all on Saturday. "Each year the excitement generated by the Christ School game is unmatched for our boys by any other game in the season," he said. "We are proud of the accomplishments of our team and look forward to the opportunity to play in this his historic contest. Our players are eager to play, and I anticipate that they will play their very best."

For Asheville School students, it marks a memorable time of year. The senior class leads school wide spirit activities that continue until the game.

Asheville School alumnus and teacher James Pharr 1997 is looking forward to what the class of 2018 has planned. "I'm ready to be surprised," he said. "Our senior class is great this year, so I know they'll do a great job. My favorite part of Christ School week is seeing each class add something new and unique to the tradition."

Students plan to break from classroom dress for a series of spirit days, during which they will have the chance to dress up for twin day, superhero day, and Blues spirit day, among others. On Friday, October 27, students will go to a school-wide pep rally before the senior class carries torches to light the annual Christ School week bonfire.

"The bonfire is one of my favorite days of the year," said fifth former Emma Lyn Nolletti. "I love the sense of tradition. The seniors carry branches to light the fire, and it is a lot of fun because you are with your friends and together as a community." Nolletti added that she is excited for next year, when she will be a senior, for her chance to carry the torch.

Tom Marberger 1969 reflects on the traditions surrounding the Christ School game: "In retrospect, understanding and appreciating the history of it all is the best part," he said. "Of course, there were plenty of pranks. Fortunately, our students today are wiser and perhaps more safety conscious—there are some stories from years past that are only fit for Alumni Weekend—but feeling like you are part of the school's history is both important and fun for students."

Both Marberger and Pharr are looking forward to connecting with other alumni during the weekend. "It's a great time to come back and reconnect with friends and teachers," Pharr said. "It's always an exciting time to find out what's happening at the school."

Join us in wishing the Blues good luck as they face off with the Greenies! Like Asheville School on Facebook and tune in at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday to watch the live stream of the game!