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Sports Medicine

Strength and Conditioning Program

The strength and conditioning program at Asheville School aims to build physicality, toughness, and togetherness through consistent, focused effort to prepare each Asheville School student-athlete to thrive in competition. Our strength and conditioning coach works with student-athletes on individual goals and improvements, while offering high-level team training sessions for our varsity programs.

Our 3,600 square foot fitness center was constructed in 2002 and updated in 2016. The fitness center adjoins the athletic training room, featuring an expansive view of the campus and athletic fields.

Sports Medicine

Athletic Training Room

At Asheville School, our athletic trainers work hard to ensure our student-athletes are able to perform at their peak levels by staying healthy and working to prevent injuries. If an athletic injury does occur, our certified trainers are able to treat, support, and rehabilitate our student-athletes to help get them back on the playing surface as safely as possible. The performance and health of our student-athletes is closely monitoring and tracked by our training staff.

Sports Medicine